martedì 4 gennaio 2011

Stila Lip Glaze

What: lipglosses

How: pen-like packaging made of transparent plastic, brush applicator, 1.5ml

Prize: 22$ on Stila website

I received these glosses with an online giveaway I luckily won weeks ago ^^

I like: thanks to the brush the application is quite easy and precise; the clear plastic case lets you always see how much product is left. The texture, particularly for the pink shade, is a bit thick and sticky, but just the right level that makes the gloss stay on your lips for at least 3hours, and it leaves the lips soft and hydrated. Slightly scented with a sweet-fruity smell.
Grapefruit is a candy-pink, if applied lightly is basically clear, but if you add on some more it becomes a pretty nude colour, a little bit iridescent.
Majesty is a cherry-red, more transparent than Grapefruit but the colour is definitely more visible. Again, the intensity is buildable.

I don't like: I think 22$ is too pricey for a gloss, and Stila is s difficult brand to find or buy from Italy.

I leave you with some pictures -they are mine, only they're labeled with the italian address of the blog ;)

swatch with natural light

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