giovedì 6 gennaio 2011

The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter

How: little brown plastic jar, 10ml -8.5g

Prize: 5€

Last October I was in Perugia enjoying the Eurochocolate event. In that occasion my shopping was focused on chocolate, obviously, and this is the only beauty-purchase I've allowed myself to do, in the local TBS store. It was hard to decide which one to pick, I'd loved the sweet lemon, the shea butter, the strawberry and so on..but I'm such a sucker for everything with coconut that I quickly fell for this ;)

I like: well, it smells absolutely divine! It's like the bounty's filling, you know what I mean.. ;) I could eat it!
I keep it on my bedside table and apply it every evening, before bedtime, and several times during the day, when I'm at home. It is quite rich and really moisturizes, nourish and soften the lips. Besides, the amount of product is quite generous, I've been using it everyday since I bought it and it is barely half consumed. The jar, also, will surely be re-used for something else. The Inci list is not completely natural, but not so bad either.

I don't like: maybe a bit pricey for my standards, but it's acceptable. Being the case basically a jar in which you have to put your fingers, it's not very hygienic to bring outside in your purse, but this is not a great fault.
What I mostly find bothersome is the availability of this brand in Italy, and buying online is quite expensive due to the high shipping cost, 7€ up to 70€ of purchases.

Enjoy Epiphany and eat a lot of sweeties! From tomorrow we're all on post-festivities diet ;)

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  1. ciao cara
    anche io ho questo balsamo x le labbra comprato due anni fa e chissa dove ì finito.. sono sicura che è accanto a quello al burro di karite, sempre di TBS lol.
    il sapore non era male ma per me non idratavano un bel niente. Troppo costoso inoltre.

    come mai non scrivi più qui??

  2. ciao cara ho provato lo stesso tipo di prodotto ma alla fragola...ora della linea cocco sono curiosa di provare il burro corpo...
    ti aspetto da me se ti va potremmo seguirci...
    kiss e buon inizio settimana

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