giovedì 13 gennaio 2011

Let's compare! Anti-spot stick Garnier-Essence-Logona

Nice way to start a new year, isn't it? These holidays left me with a face full of blemishes! It's been a few weeks by now, when an old one starts to vanish, there's a new one ready to take its place! I've just ordered a bottle of Jalus Spot by Fitocose to at least help with spots.. But I had the time to try the products you see above in the picture, and here I am to describe them ;)

Garnier Pure Active Anti-Spot Roll-on: I'll tell this at once, this is completely useless to me. I've purchased it more than a year ago, when I had a time like this, and I don't remember the exact price, but I think it's about 6-7€..Anyway, the packaging is quite practical, with the metallic and refreshing sphere, it contains salicilic acid and a purifying complex. You have to apply it on the affected areas..and it does nothing but leaving a sticky coat on the skin that is also difficult to get rid of. It doesn't heal or soothe the skin, even if I apply it several times a day.

Essence Pure Skin Anti-spot Gel: this is quite cheap, around 2€, it's a clear gel that thankfully is easily absorbed but, again, I haven't noticed any useful result. The spot remains where it is. The packaging says that it should help with the following dark spots, but it doesn't work on me.

Logona Clear Skin  Stick: at least, the only thing that is helping me somehow, this is a completely natural and organic product, BDIH and NaTrue certified. Imho, it is a bit pricey at 7€ for 6ml, but it is working so it doesn't really matter ;) The packaging reminds a gloss, with a sponge-tip applicator, you have to tap it on your skin, it slightly smells of sweet mint but it vanishes quickly. It leaves no trace, and after several applications helps healing the blemish, reducing the redness and its size.

Anyway, I still haven't found the definitive solution or remedy for blemishes. Do you have anything useful to suggest? What do you do against these odious guests on your face?! ;)

domenica 9 gennaio 2011

Essence Metal Glam Eyeliner

How: brush-tip metallic eyeliner, 4ml

Price: it was a gift, but I suppose around 3€

This product was part of my birthday gift from my best friend, I've never used this kind of eyeliner before and I want to thank her for letting me discover it! Thank you Giò, I love you! ^^

I like: as you can see from the swatch image, the colour -03 pretty cool - is a gorgeous turquoise green with a very nice metallic effect. It writes perfectly well and is unexpectedly precise and easy to use - I am pretty clumsy in drawing straight lines but even I can easily draw a very good line on my eyes with this :) It gives such a nice glowy colour to the eyes and it is perfect to add a special touch even to a very simple look.
It is really affordable, like all Essence products, and I am truly impressed by how good it looks on my eyes - I've even received some compliments for it ;) 

I don't like: it writes so well that it stains a little bit the skin! It is quite hard to remove, even with an oily remover.

Now I would like to try the other shades of this product!

giovedì 6 gennaio 2011

The Body Shop Coconut Lip Butter

How: little brown plastic jar, 10ml -8.5g

Prize: 5€

Last October I was in Perugia enjoying the Eurochocolate event. In that occasion my shopping was focused on chocolate, obviously, and this is the only beauty-purchase I've allowed myself to do, in the local TBS store. It was hard to decide which one to pick, I'd loved the sweet lemon, the shea butter, the strawberry and so on..but I'm such a sucker for everything with coconut that I quickly fell for this ;)

I like: well, it smells absolutely divine! It's like the bounty's filling, you know what I mean.. ;) I could eat it!
I keep it on my bedside table and apply it every evening, before bedtime, and several times during the day, when I'm at home. It is quite rich and really moisturizes, nourish and soften the lips. Besides, the amount of product is quite generous, I've been using it everyday since I bought it and it is barely half consumed. The jar, also, will surely be re-used for something else. The Inci list is not completely natural, but not so bad either.

I don't like: maybe a bit pricey for my standards, but it's acceptable. Being the case basically a jar in which you have to put your fingers, it's not very hygienic to bring outside in your purse, but this is not a great fault.
What I mostly find bothersome is the availability of this brand in Italy, and buying online is quite expensive due to the high shipping cost, 7€ up to 70€ of purchases.

Enjoy Epiphany and eat a lot of sweeties! From tomorrow we're all on post-festivities diet ;)

martedì 4 gennaio 2011

Stila Lip Glaze

What: lipglosses

How: pen-like packaging made of transparent plastic, brush applicator, 1.5ml

Prize: 22$ on Stila website

I received these glosses with an online giveaway I luckily won weeks ago ^^

I like: thanks to the brush the application is quite easy and precise; the clear plastic case lets you always see how much product is left. The texture, particularly for the pink shade, is a bit thick and sticky, but just the right level that makes the gloss stay on your lips for at least 3hours, and it leaves the lips soft and hydrated. Slightly scented with a sweet-fruity smell.
Grapefruit is a candy-pink, if applied lightly is basically clear, but if you add on some more it becomes a pretty nude colour, a little bit iridescent.
Majesty is a cherry-red, more transparent than Grapefruit but the colour is definitely more visible. Again, the intensity is buildable.

I don't like: I think 22$ is too pricey for a gloss, and Stila is s difficult brand to find or buy from Italy.

I leave you with some pictures -they are mine, only they're labeled with the italian address of the blog ;)

swatch with natural light